The boat for everyone.
Versatile and innovative.
Simple and safe.

Malupa Project Features

Malupa Project

The international sailing community has recognized for some time the need for accessible boats, particularly those with schools that teach and train aspiring sailors with varied access requirements.

The ideal boat would be versatile and innovative, yet simple and safe. It would be tailored to the needs of each sailing club, and capable of meeting all professional, amateur, or sector-specific requirements.

Project's goals

A sailing club's mission is to promote and develop skills by cultivating a passion for sailing. By providing accessible boats, we will be able to assist an increasing number of people in learning and enjoying sailing.

The Malupa project achieves these objectives with precision and innovation.


The plan was to build a collective, sustainable and beachable sailing boat. Our aim is that every user, including people who live with physical disabilities, neurodivergent people or people living with mental illnesses might be able to enjoy sailing with a mixed crew in absolute safety.


The Malupa is a mobile drift with 5 features that set a zero point with regard to innovation.

1. Flexibility

The Malupa is equipped with a multi-functional platform that offers adaptable modular components which make it both flexible and configurable. Special kits can be installed (depending on the different access requirements of those aboard) that can be expanded and differentiated. Benches can also be installed to navigate more comfortably and safely, with advanced options.

The four equidistant guides allow the free positioning of 1 to 4 seats, with the possibility of rotating them 360° and sliding them longitudinally to allow users to find the optimal position on board for comfort and safety.

2. Inclusivity

The Malupa 5.0 allows a MIXED crew to sail together with ease: A disabled person will be able to set sail in the company of an instructor and a family member or friend.

3. Safety

The Malupa also includes a hull which prevents the boat from capsizing, with a stable shape and weight and above-average deck space thanks to the considerable deck width. It is equipped with a bowsprit for managing asymmetric sails to simplify circuits and construction.

The walkaround cockpit has been specifically designed to allow users to move comfortably and safely on the vessel whilst maintaining total control with a complete view of both the crew and the maneuvers.

4. Sustainability

The Malupa is made from recyclable materials with an impressive 90% reduction in its environmental impact when compared with conventional materials.

5. Accessibility

The Malupa is simple and safe thanks to the open stern, the presence of a special platform and a completely retractable bulb drift. The deck layout is free from obstacles, with guides fixed to the floor. Ergonomic and sliding seats facilitate access onboard without the need for a crane or pier. Users can access the boat directly from the seashore.

In the version with a cable rudder, the Malupa can be operated independently and comfortably whilst seated.


  • Beachable design allows easy access without the need for a crane or pier.
  • Made from both recycled and recyclable materials.
  • Combines innovation with Italian-made technology
  • Suitable for preparatory courses
  • Accessible design made to allow people who live with disabilities to access sailing. (physical, mental, and sensory).
  • Finally, The Malupa is a collective boat school that promotes socialization and integration.