indietro KEELS : X 14'

4,06 m
3,98 m
1,46 m
60 kg
7,20 sq m

Launching trolley
Boat Cover

Practicality is the main characteristic of the X14, easy to manage on land (only 60kg!), transportable on the roof  top of any car. The mast (Spar) is collapsible for easy storage and does not require any shrouds or stays for support.
The pivoting centreboard, inserted in an ample cockpit, allows two crew members to sail in comfort and ease.
The absence of a stern mainsheet traveller does not compromise navigation. The ease and functionality of the mast stepping process and the practical water tight locker in the cockpit allows you to bring small objects on board for daily use, thereby turning this dinghy in an inseparable companion for those hot summer days.

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